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Pteranodon (ter-AN-uh-don).
“Winged Lizard”
I like to fly in the sky.
My wing span is 25-30 feet across and my body is stumpy.
I have very good eyesight so I can see my prey from far away.
I have a pointed head.
I am called the “Winged Lizard.”

PlesIosaurus (plees-ee-o-SOR-us).
“Near Lizard”
I am the terror of the sea.
I swim in the water all day long and eat fish and other sea creatures.
I have flippers.
I have a long head and sharp teeth.
I am called “Near Lizard.”

Stegosaurus (steg-uh-SOR-us).
“Ridged plate-back Lizard”
I eat plants and move slowly.
I am about 18-20 feet long.
I live on dry land.
I have 2 rows of spiny, triangular bony plates up and down my neck, back, and tail.
I have 4 two-foot long spikes at the end of my tail that I use as a club when I am in danger.
I am called “Ridged plate-back Lizard.”

Trachodon (trak-uh-DON).
“Duck-Billed Dinosaur”
I am gentle and peaceful.
I live in the swamp and eat plants.
I have a bill like a duck.
I am 30-40 feet long.
I walk on my hind legs.
I spend a lot of time in the water.
I have a heavy tail and webbed feet.
I am called the “Duck-Billed Dinosaur.”

Ankylosaurus (an-kil-uh-SOR-us).
“Armored Lizard”
I am a plant-eater.
I live on dry land.
I am about 15 feet long.
I have thick bony plates all over my back and tail.
I have a hard lump at the end of my tail with spikes sticking out which I use like a club against my enemies.
My armor keeps me safe from Tyrannosaurus rex and other meat-eating dinosaurs.
My armor curves over me like a turtle’s shell.
I am called the “Armored Lizard.”

Triceratops - try-SER-uh-tops).
“Three-Horned Lizard” or “Bony-Plated Lizard”
I am a plant-eater.
I am about 25-30 feet long.
I have 3 horns and a large bony shield covering my massive head and neck.
I am brave. I am not afraid of Tyrannosaurus rex, the “Tyrant King.”
He usually leaves me alone.
I am called the “Three-Horned Lizard” or “Bony-Plated Lizard.”

Tyrannosaurus rex (ty-ran-uh-SOR-us rex)
“Tyrant King Lizard”
I am one of the last of the dinosaurs.
I am the largest land predator.
I am 20 feet tall and almost 50 feet long including my tail.
I can see over trees. I am big and fierce and like to fight.
I hunt other dinosaurs to eat but I usually leave triceratops alone unless I am very very hungry.
Then we would have a fierce battle and often I would win.
When I walk, the earth shakes.
I have small forelegs with sharp claws.
I have a very large mouth with sharp teeth and a large head.
I cannot swim.
I am called the “Tyrant King Lizard.”

Brontosaurus (bront-uh-SOR-us).
“Thunder Lizard”
I am the largest animal to live on land.
I am over 70 feet long.
I weigh nearly 30 tons.
I have a small head for my body.
I spend most of the time in the water eating plants.
I need a lot of food because I am so big.
I am called the “Thunder Lizard.”