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The Rabbit Skip

Hop Skip Jump
A rabbit won't fight.
Hop Skip Jump
A rabbit won't bite.
Hop Skip Jump
A rabbit runs light.
Hop Skip Jump
He's out of sight.

- Margaret Wise Brown

Directions: Print out the animal picture and color. Cut out the pictures by cutting on the solid lines and dotted lines. Assemble the picture by connecting each end of the base piece with double-sided or scotch tape so the picture stands up. Print out the page with the poem and the facts and place it in your own poem book. Illustrate the poem. Write your own story or poem and add it to your poem book.


Rabbit Facts.

The rabbit family (Leporidae) includes both rabbits and hares.

Rabbits differ from hares in size (they are smaller) and nesting habits. They are small, furry, gnawing, burrowing mammals with long ears and short tails. They can run fast, taking great leaps with their long, powerful hind legs.They eat seeds and grasses. Newborn rabbit babies are blind, helpless and have no fur.

The brown cottontail rabbit is common throughout North America. It is easily identified by the white underside of its tail. It is a small rabbit, weighing about 2 or 3 pounds (.9 to 1.4 kilograms). Cottontails eat tender green plants and usually feed in the early morning or late afternoon. They spend most of the day under protective cover. The mother builds the nest in a shallow hole in the ground, lining it with bits of its fur. Several litters of two to six babies may be born in the spring and summer.

Rabbits are found in most parts of the world. Farmers and gardners consider them a serious pest.