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When you do a project, never work in haste.
Take your time, when you are asked to Color, Cut & Paste!


Make a Paper Plate Pig.
Make a Pig Collage.
Design a Pig.


NEW - Fun with Cats!
My Kitty Kat.
I Love Little Kitty.
Make a Paper Plate Cat.
Design a Cat.
Make a Cat Book.
My Kitty Cat Poem in a Frame.
Make a Cat Collage.





Basic Shapes
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Captain Quest Meets Zandor and Tandor

Captain Quest’s Blastoff

Captain Quest Coloring Page


Painting Board

Try the new painting tool and make your own pictures!


Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzles

Blank Jigsaw Puzzle

MORE Blank Jigsaw Puzzle

MotherGoose Jigsaw Puzzle


New Coloring Page Printouts

Rabbit | Lion | Water Monster | Bear

Green Sea Turtle | Hippopotamus | Fisherman | Mechanic

Pilot | Policeman | Astronaut


Click Here for Halloween Fun!

NEW! More Halloween Stuff!
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Coloring Section

In this section, kids can color and print out the various animals and objects by clicking on a color circle and hitting the "Click Me!" button. After a color is chosen, the picture can be printed by clicking the "PRINT" button.

The Poetry Pals Section

Poetry Pals are paper cut-out animals that can be colored and assembled to stand freely. Each animal "pal" is accompanied by a poem and facts about the animal. The poem and facts can be printed out separately and collected in a book.

The Little Dancers

Print out and color the Little Dancers Cards, Mask, Picture Frame, and Bookmarks.Laminate if you can or paste on card stock and cut them out.


Print out and color the MIGHTY MICA Cards, Shields, Disks, Mask, Picture Frame and Bookmarks. Laminate if you can or paste on card stock and cut them out.

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