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By Barbara Hamburger

When Jason Porter awoke one bright May morning, little did he know that by the end of the day his life as a New Hampshire farm boy would be changed forever.
The morning was drawing to a close when Scout, Jason’s dog, bounded across the field.

Jason chased him down a winding path into the woods. Suddenly, Scout left the path and began to hunt and sniff and bark. Jason stood and watched as Scout disappeared behind a thicket of brush. There was a sharp yelp and then complete silence. Jason called but there was no answer. He called again as he came to the place where Scout had disappeared. There he found a hole so overgrown by wild vines that a passer-by would never guess that it was there. Jason called again and ventured into the hole finding it to be an entrance to a cave. Peering into the darkness, he decided to explore the crevice. It was dark but he was not afraid.

All at once, as if by magic, a passage opened before him. In the half-light, which filtered through the passage, he could see a maze of corridors ahead of him. “Come here, Scout,” he shouted.

Suddenly, one of the passages opened into a larger and lighter way. As he followed the path, he noticed the passage turning to the right, forming a great spiral leading downward into the earth.

Soon, he found himself in a wide circular room and sitting quietly in the center, was Scout.

Then, from the depths of the earth came a strange booming voice. “Jason Porter,” it called.

Jason was thunderstruck. “You know who I am,” he gasped.

“Are you a wizard?”

“I am more of a scientist who makes magic,” said the voice of the cave.

“I must be delirious from lack of air,” murmured Jason.

The voice laughed. Suddenly, four pin-points of light began to sparkle on the walls of the chamber. Jason watched them grow larger and brighter until four circular disks appeared. They glowed with an eerie luminescence.

“Take these disks into your hands,” commanded the voice. Jason did as he was told. “These disks are a fusion of precious mica minerals. Each disk has a special power.”

“The first disk is that of fire. The flames have two purposes. They light the darkness, but unlike ordinary fire that uses up oxygen to burn, this flame consumes deadly gases and releases oxygen.”

“The second disk is that of water. It contains all the water of the earth. With it, a raindrop can be changed into the deepest sea and a sea into the smallest raindrop.”

“The third disk is that of rock. It represents all the elements of the universe from which the heavens and the stars were formed.”

“The fourth disk is lightning forged from a bolt of sunlight. All forms of energy are stored within its bounds.”

“I give you these four disks and the powers within them,” said the voice of the cave. “And, from this time on, you shall be known to all as Mighty Mica. Kneel down Mighty Mica, and repeat these words.”

Jason Porter knelt and spoke the words the cave voice uttered.

I am Mighty Mica,
I protect the earth.
My four super disks I have at hand.
Fire, water, rocks, and lightning,
Are the powers I command.

The voice said, “Your name is your sacred possession. Rise Mighty Mica, and go forward and I shall always be your protector and friend.”

The boy bowed, and said, “Your friendship is an honor. I shall guard it always but how shall I guard the powers you have given me?”

In an instant, a shield appeared. “Take this shield. It is forged from an invincible metal called micamegolite. It will protect you from all the enemies of the earth.

Beware, there is an evil scientist named Dr. Menace. He is a master of alchemy. With the power of the wind, he can change himself into any creature as large or as small as he wants. His plan is to take over the earth by controlling all its resources and treasures. You will find him a most formidable enemy.

Go now Mighty Mica, and may you use your powers wisely to protect out great earth.”

Then Jason Porter, henceforth to be known as Mighty Mica, picked up his dog Scout and retraced his path upward.

Soon, the sunlight and fresh air greeted them. Slowly he turned as the entrance to the cave closed behind them.

As the sun began to set, Mighty Mica and Scout walked quietly back through the woods home to their New Hampshire farm.


Copyright Barbara Hamburger, July 2002.

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