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When you learn to read,
You’ll be pleased to know,
The world of books will help you,
To grow and grow and grow.
And when you grow in knowledge,
You’re more apt to succeed.
So it is most important,
That you learn how to read.

You will feel so good,
When you learn to write,
Your thoughts down onto paper,
Both sorrow and delight.
In school and in your home,
Your inner world will grow,
If you keep on writing,
About the things you know.

Mothergoose Caboose Magazine


In The Woods

by ©Ellen Baumwoll and ©Barbara Hamburger.
April 2015 to present. Illustrated by ©Barbara Hamburger

In The Rainforest
written by ©Ellen Baumwoll; Illustrated by
©Barbara Hamburger/April 2015 to present.


I Swan In The Ocean.
Written by Ellen Baumwoll.
Illustrated by Barbara Hamburger.

In The Tall Green Grass.
Written by Ellen Baumwoll.
Illustrated by Barbara Hamburger.

The Three Little Pigs.
Written by Ellen Baumwoll.
Illustrated by Barbara Hamburger.

Nicholas and the Dragon

The Musicians of Bremen Retold

Three Billy-Goats Gruff Retold/All Ages

Three Billy Goats Gruff Retold

The Purple Handkerchief

In A Faraway Country

The Little Red Hen Retold


The Little Fluffy White Cloud

THE VERY BIG and very little DINOSAUR

Jane's Dress

There Is A Little Boy In The House

The Dove


The Unicorn in the Garden by James Thurber.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

The Curb in the Sky.



Valentines Day
Mother's Day
Father's Day


Christmas Fun!


All Ages/More Nursery Rhymes
Vocabulary Words

Gr. 1 & Up/Nursery Rhymes
Circle Pictures/Write the Rhyming Words


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Write An Apple Story. All Ages.
Write An Apple Story. PreK-1.
Write An Apple Story. Grs.1-2.
Write An Apple Story. Grs.3 & up.
Apple Poem Book.

The Parts of An Apple Labeled.
Label the Parts of An Apple.
Little Red House with no Doors.

How many words in APPLES.
Apple Seeds and Cyanide.


My First Camping Adventure - Joel Baumwoll

The Little Red Hen Retold

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Punctuation Poems


The Little Dancers

PreK-3. Little Dancers. Vocabulary
PreK-3. Little Dancers. Fill in the Rhyming Words
PreK-3. Little Dancers. Copy the Sentence In Uppercase Print
Grades 1-3. Little Dancers. Alphabet Code Writing

Writing Paper

Missing Letters

Animal Anagrams


Sara Coleridge - Trees

All Ages
PreK-1 - Write the Rhyming Words
PreK-1 - Spelling
Grs. 1-2 - Write in the Words
Grs. 1-2 - Rhyming Words
Grs. 1-3 - Spelling
Grs. 2-5 - Rhyme Pattern



Mother's Day - Poems, Cards, & Stories

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Big Cat Little Cat

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Fearless Fables

Boots And The Beasts Retold

The Lion And The Mouse Retold

The Lion And The Elephant Retold

The Moon In Mill Pond Retold

The Sheep And The Pig Retold

Wee Little Chick And The Magic Apron (Retold)

Big Blue Spider And Little Red Spider Retold

The Story Of The Three Bears Retold


Please make time, to read the rhyme, and each word spell out loud.
Then write each word, that you have heard. And then you will be proud.

Who Am I? Spell & Say Lacing Cards

Who Am I? Spell & Say Animals


Word Family Words
Print out. Make as many words as you can. Write in your name.

Word Family Words (-ap)

Word Family Words (-an)

Word Family Words (-at)


Fathers’s Day Index

F is for Fantastic father


My Dad


The Very Best Dad That I Know

Father’s Day Hero Sandwich Recipe

Father’s Day - History

Easter - The Holiday
Design Your Own Easter Egg
Write Your Own Easter Story
Little Bunnys Very First Easter
Color & Write The Words - part 1
Color & Write The Words - part 2
Easter Eggs Poem


Valentine's Day Fun!






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